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Submitted on
January 13, 2007
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Iím a little drunk
but sitting here
all alone
I feel nothing
nothing inside
nothing out
is it me?
Is it what I will become?
will this world end before I see the best part?
Never mind the worries
I fear if I worry I will forget to live
Live this life
without knowing why
without knowing how
I feel like the answers will only hurt me more
I feel like knowing the truth
will fill me with hate
will break my person
will destroy me as a human
still the longing remains
to know the truth
so why is there nothing?
no confusion
no hate
no worry
why can I not feel?
Am I already dead inside?
Or am I just dying?
I dunno if I will leave this up, tell me what you think. It might be a little to random, but it was really just a derailed train of thought I wrote down to try and make sense of...
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I think the train of thought is very clear.

The words are simple, but appear to have so much weight to them... its definitely a keeper!
I really like it Joe, it reminfds me of the feeling that once drove me to write my poetry...keep it up!
perhaps you can email him some of the text so that he can know if he can help you!!
I have some character descriptions I will send him. I will ask him if he minds just sketching them so I can see his style and if it will work with the style I have in mind. How much have you told him about me? I mean have you told him you gave me his E-mail or will he have no idea who I am or what I am talking about when I send off my mail later today?
sorry took long to reply,bn busy with varsity and tryin to decide which subjects to take!!i told him about you!he will know who you are and all so go ahead and mail him, he's expecting to hear from you.
oki dok, my e-mail bugged two nights ago so I gotta fix it hopefully tonight i will send the stuff. it will be from (monkey is purposely misspelled.... with one with an 'E" was taken)
I dont think its very random at all... Its pertinent to what you where following in yourself... many feel this way I'm sure!

I always think that one only gets to know oneself in the pit of despair when there's no-one else around...

leave it up!i like it!

here is email address for illustrator/animator

he's very good at what he does!!
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